Doing the things necessary to get your Esignature Money Machine sales page built.

The Esignature Money Machine Sales page is the page that you will have customized with your links that you will give to people so that they can join SignaSource. Every part of the system directs prospects to this page. The Evergreen Webinar which is the heart of the system gives a presentation that walks prospects through everything on this very special page. If you have not viewed it yet, get access at

It is the first thing that you must set up. Here is what you do to get it built for you.

Step One - Join SignSource

You do this by clicking on the second big red button in the black section near the bottom of the sales page of your sponsor. That sponsor who sent you to their page is listed along with their email address at the bottom of that black section. When you click on that button you will be taken to the SignaSource join page.

Once you have joined, you need to login to the dashboard page of your back office. Click on the "Referral Program" link on the left side of the page. Your referral code is in the middle of the page. It usually has both numbers and letters. Take note of this 6 digit code. It is one of four things that you will send to me so I can build your Esignature sales page.

Copy this Referral code into a word or notepad document so that you can access it later to use in rebranding your ebooks. You will set up your signature in your back office later when we get to Foundation 5.

Step Two - set up your Money Machine Of Your DreamsWebinar capture page.

This capture page will be what you promote to get people to the webinar and ensure that they have your name so that they can identify you as their referral at the conclusion of the webinar. To setup your webinar capture page, follow the simple instructions in this video. It will only take a few minutes for you to create your capture page.

When you follow the instructions in the video, you will be given a url that looks like this . . . Take note of the last 5 numbers in this url. (Note that your number will be different than 85000 which is my number.) You will add these 5 numbers to your Word document to be used later in the rebranding of your ebooks. And this will be one of the things you send me that I will need to build you personalized Esignature Money Machine Page. See Step Three . . .

Step Three - Obtain Your Esignature Money Machine Page

To obtain your Esignature Money Machine page you will send the 5 digits of your Money Machine Of Your Dreams Webinar capture page, the 6 digit SignaSource referral code that you found in step one and your name and the email address that you want me to put on your page to me at I will build your page assigning two letters to the end of the url that will make your customized page unique to you. Write these two letters in your Word document as well, for you will also use them later in rebranding your ebooks. Once I have built your Esignature Money Machine sales page, I will email your url to you along with a paypal link. You will click on the link to pay the $7 customization fee. At that time I will also send you all of the bonuses that I promise to give you in the webinar.

Understand that our strategy is no longer to advertise the Esignature Money Machine sales page directly (although you can do that if you want). We want people to learn about this special page when they hear all about it in the webinar. It is when they learn about the page in the webinar that people will want to use the MMD system and get their own customized page. It will be up to you to give your prospect your Esignature sales page right after they have seen the webinar, so they can use it to join your SignaSource organization.

This business is simply inviting people to our powerful webinar. You can either personally invite someone through a phone call or email. Or you can advertise the webinar capture page url that you receive when you use the tutorial video in this first foundation to create that capture page.

Step Four - Set Up A Domain Redirect

Although a domain redirect is optional, it is something you should consider creating so that the long url of your capture page, that we saw earlier, can be shortened to a domain that has keywords that are more meaningful and look better n an ad. A domain redirect is a way that you can purchase a short domain with great keywords and direct people entering that url to a page that has a longer url. In this example instead of advertising the long capture page url,, we can buy a domain for only $.99 that is shorter and has the keywords, "free webinar." Which would you rather advertise, the long aiopsplashbuilder link above or a domain name like

Note that you can setup domain redirects for other pages as well, like the download page that you will use to give away one of the rebrandable ebooks that I am going to introduce to you in the next foundation. Or you could set up a domain redirect to your AIOP join page. If you are on the phone with someone and you need to give them your AIOP join link, instead of . . . you could set up a domain redirect and tell them that your join link is something simple like

No matter what kind of a page you set up a domain redirect for . . . they are all set up the same way. Here is a tutorial video that will show you how it is done.


Rebrand the esignature ebook, titled, "How To Create Residual Wealth By Sending Emails" and build the download page to deliver it to people responding to your ad.

Step One - Rebrand the esignature ebook.

Simply click on this link . . .

Follow the directions on the page filling in the first box with the two letters at the end of the Esignature sales page url . . . and the second box with the 5 numbers at the end of your webinar capture page (that you set up in foundation 2).

When you check mark the GDPR box and then click on the rebrand button, you will be given a link to your rebranded ebook. You will use that link in Step Two.

Step Two - Build the download page to give the Esignature ebook away.

To build your download page using the AIOP Splash Page Builder, you will take the url to your rebranded Esignature ebook that you created in step one, and you will insert it in the html you will be given below. The tutorial video below will show you where in the html to insert that ebook url and what you need to do in the AIOP Splash Page Builder to get your page built.

Tutorial Video


Copy and Paste Below as instructed in tutorial video:<html><head><title></title><meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8"><meta content="How To Create Residual Wealth Sending Emails" name="description"><meta content="Keywords" name="keywords"><style type ="text/css" >.footer {position:fixed;bottom: 0px;width:100%;text-align: center;}</style><style>body { background-color: #FFFFFF;background-image: url(''); background-repeat: repeat; background-position: center center; background-attachment: scroll;-webkit-background-size: auto;-moz-background-size: auto;-o-background-auto: cover;background-size: auto; }</style></head><p style="text-align: center;"><a href=" " target="_self"><img style="font-size: 36px; font-family: georgia, palatino;" src="" alt="" width="600" height="800" /></a></p><div class="footer"><span style="color: #000000; font-size: medium;"><br /></span></div><div class="footer"><span style="color: #000000; font-size: medium;"><br /></span></div><div class="footer"><span style="color: #000000; font-size: medium;"><br /></span></div><div class="footer"><span style="color: #000000; font-size: medium;"><br /></span></div><div class="footer"><font color="#000000" size=3><br></font></div></body></html>

Step Three - Create a domain redirect for this download page to be used in advertising.

Follow the directions in the video you just watched in Step 3 of Foundation 1 to create your domain redirect to your download page.

Before you begin, read the "What's Next" pdf

available down the page right after Foundation 4.

Setting up your Traffic Tsunami ebook in foundation 3 and your email signature in foundation 4 are important, but they are not necessary for you to start marketing. The Traffic Tsunami ebook is an option that can promote all the parts of the system as well as provide you some viral traffic and two extra streams of income. This ebook can be something you promote, but I recommend that you focus your advertising mainly on your webinar capture page and your smaller "How To Create Wealth" ebook. And always give your rebranded Traffic Tsunami ebook to those that join your team so that they can rebrand their own and everyone can receive traffic and cash. And you might also give it away to those prospects that watch the webinar but don't respond to the offer as a thank you gift.

You will eventually want to set up your email signature using my template and the instructions in foundation 4. Your animated, clickable signature can generate some prospects going to your webinar capture page just from the emails you send out everyday, so at some point you will want to get it installed in your emails.


Rebrand the Traffic Tsunami ebook and give it away.

"Create A Free Viral Traffic Tsunami," also known as the Traffic Tsunami ebook, is a very powerful marketing tool. It is very appealing to marketers because it generates viral traffic and cash. The viral traffic comes from 3 traffic builders that are free to join and it is also free to rebrand the links to these programs that are in the ebook. Two of the three traffic builders have optional upgrades that require a low one time payment. As others you give your ebook to also upgrade these two traffic builders, will generate a steady stream of $10 payments to you.

Another feature of the ebook is that it has chapters promoting both SignaSource and AIOP that have rebrandable links that will direct readers of your ebook to the Money Machine Of Your Dreams Webinar capture page and the Esignature Money Machine sales page. To get full benefit of the ebook, those that rebrand the ebook and give it away will want to join both programs to get even more financial rewards as it virally is distributed.

This ebook is very easy to give away because, first, it is a substantial ebook full of content and secondly because it is a free source of both generating traffic and cash . . . but most of all because it is free to receive and free to rebrand any of the links in the ebook.

Here are the steps to set up your ebook and rebrand it so that you can use it to promote both of our programs.

Step One - Get your copy of the Traffic Tsunami ebook from your sponsor.

If your sponsor doesn't have an ebook and doesn't want to participate in this part of the system , you can download my copy from .

Step Two - Read the ebook so that you are familiar with it's contents.

Step Three - Join the traffic builders and set up your ads.

Make note of the id's of the 3 traffic builders in your word document that you are using to record and save important information. If you need, for any reason, to rebrand a new copy of this ebook in the future, all your information will be in one place.

You will want to upgrade the two traffic builders that we are going to generate income from . . . Cash In On Banners and vTraffic Rush. If you don't have the money for both right now, upgrading the cheapest, Cash In On Banners, which is only $10, is the most important. Before you distribute too many copies of your personalized ebook, you will want to upgrade both traffic builders to maximize the amount of income you receive as your ebook gets out to more and more people.

Step Four - Rebrand your own personalized copy of the Traffic Tsunami ebook.

Click on this link to go to the rebrand page . . .

If you have been putting the information requested previously on this page in the Word document, you will be able to quickly fill in the boxes to rebrand your ebook. In the first box input your id for the first traffic builder, Free Viral Traffic Tsunami . . . in the second box input your Cash In On Banners id . . . in the third box input your vTraffic Rush id . . . in the fourth box input your AIOP user id . . . in the fifth box input the 5 numbers at the end of your Money Machine Of Your Dreams Webinar capture page (see Foundation 1, Step Two) . . . in the sixth box input your SignaSource referral code . . . in the seventh box input letters that are at the end of you Esignature Money Machine (I make this page for you when you complete Foundation 1) . . . in the eighth box input your first and last name and in the ninth box input your email address.

Once the boxes are filled, click on the GDPR box and then click on the "Rebrand This Ebook" button. You will receive the url to your rebranded ebook. The next step will show you what you can do with that url to distribute your ebook.

Step Five - Choose the page you will use to distribute your ebook.

Choose one of these options . . .

1 Don't use any page. In your ad tell people to email you or personal message you to get their copy of your ebook. When they contact you just put the url to your ebook you got in Step Four in a return email.

2 Use the free page that we have created for you to use. It is a simple page that you can advertise that does not have any auto-responder emails to further promote AIOP or SignaSource and it requires you to manually deliver your ebook to those that request it. But it is free. Here is a video that Chris did to show you how to set it up.

3 If you have graphics arts and copywriting skills and you know how to put a funnel together, you can use the AIOP Splash Page Builder and Autoresponder to create your own capture page and auto-responder series of emails.

4 If you want to rent my done for you Traffic Tsunami ebook capture page and automated delivery system for $6/month, see this website for details . . .

Besides providing an attractive, colorful video capture page, my system automatically delivers your rebranded ebook through a download page that I create for you. It also delivers eight autoresponder emails that further promote your AIOP capture page and your Esignature Money Machine sales page as well as promoting the upgrade of two of the traffic builders. Here is a video that compares the free page option with this paid done for you system.


Setup your Money Machine Of Your Dreams Webinar System signature in the SignaSource back office using the template that I provide for you.

Step One - Create your signature and set up the banners and buttons.

I give very detailed instructions on how to use a template I have created for you to use to create your own signature and to setup the banners and buttons in the tutorial video below.

IMPORTANT- The template number that is in the tutorial video has changed to 307982.

DO NOT USE THE TEMPLATE NUMBER THAT IS IN THE VIDEO! Even though the banners have had a few changes, the instructions in the video (other than using the template number in the video) should be followed as presented.

Note that a few of the slides of the animated banner shown in the tutorial have been modified in the new revised template to say Webinar instead of Training video. Also note that both the banner and the blue button relabeled "Free Webinar" are now pointing to the url for your Webinar capture page. The procedures shown in the tutorial video have not changed . . . just some of the information on the updated signature. So this tutorial video still will take you step by step showing you how to create your signature. Just make sure that you point the banners and the blue button to the new webinar capture page url instead of the training video capture page url referred to in the tutorial video.

For those that have already installed the signature for Money Machine Dream 3.0 and want to know how to use the template to upgrade their signature to the Money Machine Dream 4.0 version promoting the webinar capture page, I have a tutorial video to help you. (Note that although I didn't mention it in the tutorial video below, I do recommend that you connect your facebook icon to the new facebook group you are going to invite your prospects to . . . )

If you want to know how to remove unwanted space in your signature, I have 2 tutorial videos below that can help you. The first shows how to take out the space between your contact information and the animated banner. The second video shows you how to take out the space between the two lines underneath the buttons.

Step Two - Install your signature.

In your SignaSource back office click on the green "Install Signature Into Email" button (second from the left) at the bottom of the page. Pick your email provider and you will receive very easy to follow instruction on installing the signature you created in Step One.

Click on the link below to download a pdf that will guide you, showing you what you need to do to get your leads from your capture page to view the webinar . . . and to get the referrals that respond to the offer in the webinar into the two programs and started on their business.

One final word on advertising your webinar capture page and the "How to Create Residual Wealth" ebook . . .

I encourage you to pay special attention to what I said about the challenge of advertising in the member training video in the pin post of the Facebook group. So many are jaded by millions of programs all saying some of the same things. To get people to view the evergreen webinar and actually see the amazing offer we have for them, do your best to connect with people every way you can . . . email them, personal message them and call them when ever you can. Be friendly and try to help them with whatever business they are in. With SignaSource we have a product that can help anyone get leads for their business.

Try to personally connect with as many people as you can. Update your profile page in Facebook so people get to know who you are, what your interests are and how passionate you are about this business. Post testimonies and short messages about how much you love this system in the new Money Machine Dream Webinar facebook group. Doing this will benefit everyone who adds their prospects to this group.

Remember, people join people . . . not programs. Leave you contact information in the descriptions of videos you upload to Youtube, on some of your pages, in your blogs, in your signature in every email . . . everywhere! Seek to engage people on social media. Connect with people and they will want to join you in your business.

Additional Resources

Here are some banners that you can use in advertising . . .

728X90 banner - Webinar Capture Page

For some reason I could not get this sample gif to show up at the 728x90 size. But if you click on the link below that you will use in ads, you will see it does show up at full size.

728X90 banner - Webinar Capture Page (shorter version)

468X60 banner - Webinar Capture Page

468X60 banner - Webinar Capture Page (shorter version)

125X125 banner - Webinar Capture Page

468X60 banner - Esignature Money Machine Sales Page

468X60 banner - Esignature Rebrandable Ebook

I wish you great success in the building of your business!

If you have any question on anything on this page, give me a call.

Daniel Rydstedt

417 929-1895